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SAP logistic deliveries
SAP logistic maintenance ENLO06LM

Define Deliveries with Data Requirements

Two courses of 21 lessons to define deliveries with materials and datas. In the first course, you will combine delivery modes with packagings and materials to comply with customer’s requirements. Your configurations will include the related creation and assignment of shipping procedures and transportation scenarios. In the second course, a specific data processing maintenance will be defined for maintenance and statistics of logistic phases, delivery modes and requirements. This training will introduces you to the LIS, Logistic Information System, part of the SAP Logistic Data Warehouse. For intermediate users.



Our simulators

Access e-learning library and experience interactivity. Simulators are expanding flexibility and eliminate travel expenses. They simulate the SAP application softwares and functions, deliver contextual instructions, comments and help. Lessons can be proceeded again and again until full understanding and results.

Our philosophy

Providing knowledge based on practice of the SAP functions and menus, for granting operational skills in student’s domains. There is no active learning without interactivity. Learning process consists in an active combination of different explanations, practices, simulations and tests capturing attention until replications on a real SAP server.