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We comply with ESCO skills classification - European Skills/Competences, qualifications and Occupations

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Sap-Easy is loaded with useful, functional options that allow users to quickly and easily get operational knowledge. But that’s not all, when you enroll to SAP-EASY , rest assure you will also get amazing customer support around!.


SAP Introduction

12 lessons about SAP navigation modes, interfaces and user settings with basic reporting and Graphical User Interface (GUI).


SAP Introduction

12 complete lessons about SAP navigation modes, interfaces

and user settings with basic reporting and Graphical User Interface (GUI).

SAP careers

80 000 SAP jobs

Thousands of positions for SAP analysts and operators available on main European recruitment websites.

Fully Responsive

Sap-Easy's responsive framework ensures your training looks amazing no matter screen size will be.

Perfect For All Screen Sizes

No matter the size of your screen or device, your course will fit.

Premium Simulatorss

Sap-Easy includes ultra realistic replications of SAP functionalities and menus

Makes your knowledge Stand Out

We include theoreticals, simulations, replications, exams and certifications.

Evolutive trainings

Subscription includes access to regularly updated lessons.

Updated with latest SAP releases

Fitting with specific business areas in finance, logistic, Sales or Human Resources

Our simulators

Access e-learning library and experience interactivity. Simulators are expanding flexibility and eliminate travel expenses. They simulate the SAP application softwares and functions, deliver contextual instructions, comments and help. Lessons can be proceeded again and again until full understanding and results.

Our philosophy

Providing knowledge based on practice of the SAP functions and menus, for granting operational skills in student’s domains. There is no active learning without interactivity. Learning process consists in an active combination of different explanations, practices, simulations and tests capturing attention until replications on a real SAP server.